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 DaRkMAN - Your best choice!

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PostSubject: DaRkMAN - Your best choice!   Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:49 pm

Name(in game): DaRkMAN
Age: 17
Country: Poland (bleee)
Xfire: darkmanica
Previous clan(s): 3 years ago, about ~3 clans..
Reason to join: Hey! I am great player! (maybe after some training..)

About me:

In ET i was playing about 3-4 years ago. It was my first multiplayer game. I liked it, after some time, I join to polish clan. After that, to second polish clan.. And again.. And I created my clan.. And I stopped playing. My english is weak, I know this.

Now, for some months, I was playing on new computer in Modern Warfare 2, but this game isn't what ET was. I went back to ET, and I play about 5 days.

My hobby is creating web sites, and creating music (Rap).... Oh, and playing basketball. I plan making dunks on dimensional basket Razz. Oh man!! And watching girls on deviantart -(photography/people/selfportrait/), i love watching girls!! Yeah!!

Regards, DaRkMAN
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PostSubject: Re: DaRkMAN - Your best choice!   Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:58 pm

he is a great player i know it ;D
you dont have to write that much Very Happy
but its ok too ;D
i see him often playing on a server
hes good and skilled and his english in ok

and thanks for making a good atmosphere on forum Very Happy

Welcome on board Darkman we gonna have a great time with you i know it Very Happy
afro afro afro afro afro afro afro afro afro
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DaRkMAN - Your best choice!
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